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Bath Remodel – Newport Beach

There are times when you just want to close the door to a particular room in your house when unexpected visitors drop by.

Maybe it is the bedroom where your teen resides and the daily mess keeps piling up along with discarded clothing.  Maybe it is your home office that is stacked to the ceiling with paperwork and boxes. After all, it is very difficult to keep everything looking perfect all of the time.

There is, however, one room of the house that you just cannot close off and keep people out. That is the bathroom. Sure, you could tell your sister or best friend to go down the street to the gas station, but they would think you were out of your mind and would most likely think twice about visiting again anytime soon. There really is no practical way to hide the loose tile, dripping shower faucet, peeling paint, or cracked wash basin from your friends and family. The only solution is quality bathroom remodeling.

At Renew Design Consulting,  We offer exceptional home improvement services of all types.  Especially if you need a new bathroom remodel Orange County Ca and surrounding coastal cities from Newport Beach to San Clemente.

We take pride in providing reliable removal, repair, and installation of showers, countertops, tiling and maintaining excellent service is very important to us.  Additionally, we can easily replace any broken or outdated fixtures, including sinks, toilets, or your old, worn-out vanity.

Your interests are most important to us and we will work directly with you to create the picture-perfect bath, using the very best materials, including all types of natural stone, tiles, ceramics and such. You could literally have an updated bathroom in a very short period of time!

When you are ready to create the bathroom of your dreams, reach out to us at Renew Design Consulting for exceptional results!

We offer a FREE Consultation and estimations and all you have to do is call me direct at (949) 605-7705.